Does it matter where I have my vehicle repaired?
What should I do after an auto accident?
Can my insurance determine where my vehicle is repaired or do I have a choice?
What is a PRO Shop or a “Direct Repair Facility”?
Do I need to make an appointment to get a repair estimate?
Do I need more than one repair estimate?
Can I pick up my Enterprise rental car from your location?
What forms of payment does Hilltop Collision Center, Inc. accept?
Am I required to get 3 estimates?
If the insurance company has written an estimate, should I get another?
Does Hilltop Collision Center Inc. provide a warranty?
Why Waterborne Paint?
Who chooses what type of parts (OEM, Recycled, and Aftermarket) gets replaced on my car?
Can I make money off of an insurance repair?
Should I turn a claim into my insurance company or pay for it out of pocket?
How do I get updates during my repair?
Can frame damage be repaired?
Who determines if my car is a total loss?